Maurice Saylor: Composer

Music Engraving, Editing, Score and Part Preparation, and Printing

Engraving, and Editing 

Engraving is the art of transforming a composer's computer file or handwritten manuscript into a score and parts ready to be published and performed by professionals. Many composers have only rudimentary training in this area and often don't even realize that there are guidelines for such preparation if a work is to performed by professionals or well performed by anyone. Editing services are also available. This can range from suggested changes in note spelling to assistance in composition and orchestration.

With nearly 40 years of experience, I have prepared scores for international composers such as Gian Carlo Menotti, and for many notable local composers and performers: Alan Mandel, Gerald Muller, Andrew Earle Simpson, Robert Gerle, Robert Garofalo, Ryan Brown and the Violins of Lafayette, and musicologist Ruth Steiner, to name a few. I have also worked for several local institutions: The Catholic University of America, Virginia Opera, Washington Summer Opera Theater. For publication, I have engraved music for theses, dissertations, journal articles, and music publishers.

Score and Part Preparation, Printing and Binding

My orchestral scores comply with the MOLA (Major Orchestra Librarians' Association) Music Preparation Guidelines. Following the model of major publishers, parts are printed on substantial quality paper to stand up to on-stage wind patterns caused by ventilation systems. For parts and small scores, 12” x 18” paper is folded to 9” x 12,” then saddle-sewn or saddle-stapled. Larger works are gathered into signatures and adhesive-bound.

Music Proofreading

Rehearsal time is valuable, and correcting errors and discrepancies between a score and parts is awkward and time consuming. Every composer needs a second set of eyes looking over his or her performance materials.

Scores can be submitted as photocopies, PDFs, or digital photographs. Estimates available.

To see examples of my work visit:

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