Maurice Saylor: Composer

Work in Progress:
R.U.R.: A Retro-Futuristic Musical 
Based on the play R.U.R.  (Rossum’s Universal Robots) by Karel Čapek

Music and Lyrics by Maurice Saylor
Book by Susan Galbraith

This musical is being written for production in the Dupont Underground. These four Songs are drawn from the promotional trailer filmed by Czech Television

The Advertising Song

Advertising Song.mp3

Sulla's Song

Sulla song.mp3

Alquist's Song

Alquist Song.mp3

The Robot Manifesto

Robot Manifesto.mp3

Vaněk Unleashed
a musical fantasy
Music and Additional Lyrics by Maurice Saylor
Book and Lyrics by Susan Galbraith 
based on the writings of Václav Havel

Little Overture 

0-0 Overture.mp3

Eva's Song - Dance Break

Vanek Unleashed - Evas Song Dance Break.mp3

Marching Steps - a pantomime 

2-5 Marching Steps 16.mp3

Your Friends are My Friends - underscoring 

1-3 Your Friends.mp3

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